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HSBuilds provides an exceptional opportunity to obtain a free website tailored to your specific needs and requirements. All you require is an original idea and to fill out the simple form. Then, our elite coders will take your concept and turn it into a website with exceptional functionality and design. You will also benefit from the expertise of our highly skilled and self-taught website developer, who will walk you through the design process to ensure that every detail is perfect. Whether you are a school club or a small business, the HSBuilds website creation service can assist you in easily establishing a powerful and professional online presence. So, why delay? Start realizing your online potential with HSBuilds today!

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Who is in HSbuilds?

Image Of Sreekar Jarajapu

Sreekar Jarajapu

President of HSbuilds

Hello there! I'm Sreekar Jarajapu, a senior at Independence High School in Frisco, Texas. My true passion lies in pursuing a degree in finance or accounting in college. I'm really excited about the opportunity to contribute to HSBuilds and make a difference. My main goal is to offer affordable and top-notch website development services to startups and high school clubs. I strongly believe that effective communication is the key to success, and by placing a strong emphasis on it, HSbuilds can establish valuable relationships and thrive in the industry. I'm eager to gain valuable experience and expand my network while focusing on the business side of HSBuilds. So, let us help you create a remarkable digital presence and set you on the path to success.

Image Of Narein Vignesh

Narein Vignesh

Training and Education Lead of HSbuilds

Hello, I am Narein, a senior at Independence High School in Frisco, Texas. I have a strong interest in computer science and am a contributor to HSBuilds. Many non-profits and key clubs in our community are being held back by a limited, uninformative website design. Millions of people judge the quality of businesses and organizations every day based on the quality and ease-of-use of their websites, and that is becoming more and more important as the digital world grows and grows. I hope for HSBuilds to help incredible organizations that serve our community avoid being negatively perceived simply for the quality of their website while also sparing our clients the incredibly high cost of most development teams. High schoolers are more talented at programming than many adults may expect, and I am excited to grow our development team, expand our outreach, and design websites that were not anticipated to be possible at such a low price point.

Christian Fowler

Developer of HSbuilds

Hello, I'm Christian Fowler. My journey into web development has been incredibly rewarding. Being a part of HSbuilds has allowed me to grow and showcase my skills alongside some of the best in the community. I've learned so much from this experience and am excited about the future projects and collaborations ahead. HSbuilds has truly been instrumental in my development journey, and I'm grateful for the opportunities it continues to provide.

Image Of Abhi Reddy

Abhi Reddy

Vice President of HSbuilds

Hello! My name is Abhi Reddy, and I am a rising senior at Allen High School with a deep-seated passion for coding, computer science, and engineering. As a pivotal figure in the leadership of HSBuilds, I channel my vast expertise in coding to materialize unique concepts into interactive, high-functioning websites. I wholeheartedly believe in the power of a strong virtual presence in today's evolving digital era. An effective online representation amplifies recognition and appreciation for someone's commendable accomplishments and initiatives within their community. I am committed to leveraging my coding skills to create powerful platforms and cultivate a dynamic digital footprint for those who require them.

Image Of Anvi Siddabhattuni

Anvi Siddabhattuni

Lead Developer of HSbuilds

Hi! My name is Anvi Siddabhattuni, and I am a senior at Centennial High School. I am an aspiring front-end engineer and will pursue computer science in college. I strive for success in helping others achieve their marketing desires. HSbuild is able to give me the ability to gain experience in the field of study I am entering and increasing, while at the same time benefiting those who want to grow their own companies. This unique platform allows me to combine my passion for technology with my desire to make a positive impact in the world of marketing, creating a win-win situation for both myself and my clients.


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IHS 6901 Knights Robotics Logo

Knights Robotics

This website is for the 6901 FRC Knights Roboitcs team. They enrich students and nurture their creative thinking, problem-solving, and leadership skills in a STEM-based robotics opportunity.

IHS Game Dev Club

IHS Game Dev Club

Independence High School's premier Game Development Club: Your gateway to becoming a stellar developer.

Education Hop logo

Education Hop

This website is for Education Hop, made by Ratnakaru Yalagathala, Bibhas Sharma, and Vibhav Paleti. They provide volunteer opportunities for students to realize that everyone can be a leader.

Fozzy Cuts logo

Fozzy Cuts

Fozzy Cuts is a local barbershop that takes pride in offering affordable yet excellent haircuts. Owned by a young barber with a passion for his work, Fozan Arshed has built a reputation for providing wonderful customer service and a welcoming atmosphere.

Girl You Matter Logo

Girl You Matter

This website is dedicated to empower middle school girls to become confident leaders through education and mentorship. Made by one of our developers, Dhruv Tripathi


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No! A plan isn’t necessary, we can help you with planning and making it!

Certainly! At HSbuilds, we're dedicated to providing free websites for the first year. If finances are a concern, reach out to us for a chat. We work with .com, .org, .xyz, and .net domains, but we're open to other options too. Your satisfaction matters to us!

Unlike other free website builders, HSbuilds uses no software to make your website. Our finest coders will build websites from scratch, using HTML, CSS, and JS. Other free website builders will also add a watermark on both the domain name and website. HSbuilds does not add a watermark on your website, only in the source code (no one can see it unless they check our code).

To qualify, you must be a small business or club trying to get a website due to low funds. Your website must be only to inform your business/club, meaning there is no login or file upload system. We will let you know if you qualify once you contact us!

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